A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A short visual novel based on John Steinbeck's novel "East of Eden." 

Cathy serves as our protagonist. The player of this game takes on her role as she finds herself in the company of two young men: Adam and Charles Trask. One of them takes an immediate liking to her, the other is wary. Cathy realizes that it could be in her best interest to cozy up to one of the men and gain his favor and support...but little does she know, she might also end up falling in love. Which man will Cathy pursue?

(created within 4 days)


AnythingbutTrueandHonest-1.0-mac.zip 28 MB
AnythingbutTrueandHonest-1.0-pc.zip 42 MB


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The game is pretty simple and straightforward imo, to be true to yourself. Although the introduction seemed rushed, I get the gist of everything and can properly tell what makes Cathy a person she is now. It's nice.

Great one!

Thanks! It was meant to be simple and straightforward since I made it during a weekend hackathon and game jam, but I'm glad people seem to still generally enjoy regardless! 

It would be a bit rushing in the interaction with brief plot, nonchalantly it is a good introduction or glimpse of the original work (just 4 days in the making!)^^

Thank you so much! And yeah, it does rush a little bit but I wanted to finish it within the timespan of a Hackathon that I also started working on it for. It really helped me learn more about making visual novels though, and I had a ton of fun!